Client: Vinh Phuc Province
Year: 2021
Area: 95Ha
Location: Vinh Yen | Vinh Phuc



The proposed plan spreads the design spirit and story as a tectonic flow. Using design materials from typical cultural, historical and landscape values of Vinh Phuc. Along with the connection of administrative areas, creating the values of the overall center of Vinh Yen city, synchronous urban landscape space. With the current approaches and elements, the areas are arranged on the basis of 4 cultural classes, following the flow of time from Phung Nguyen – Dong Dau – Go Mun and culminating in Eastern culture. Paint. Culture from history to the present has gone through many changes and developed thanks to the creation of mankind. Two fundamental elements of HISTORY – CREATION needed are kept concisely, accurately but still adapted to culture, function & aesthetics.


Client: Deway International
Year: 2019
Area: 3.5 Ha
Location: Ho Tay | Hanoi



Inspired by a continuous space system and smooth transformation, random open spaces and green natural spaces, the building architecture will set a different standard in the educational environment. : modern, green, full of fresh emotions and balanced and relaxed experiences for students. The project has an international standard scene design, certified for LOTUS green building.


Client: HDTC
Year: 2020
Area: 28Ha
Location: Nhon Hoi | Quy Nhon


The Eden Garden coastal resort is located in the complex of Green Paradise commercial, service and villa complex with the highlight of the 9-floor infinity pool system 300m long with a range of utilities and The landscape has a modern and attractive style such as a commercial center, high-class resort, sunken bar, ocean view villas, walk through waterfall, outdoor spa, ocean park, children’s play area …
The villa complex consists of two subdivisions Adam’s Villas and Eva’s Villas with two opposing styles. Adam subdivision with strong shaping uses rough materials while Eva subdivision is soft and flexible curves. Take advantage of high-level terrain to create a unique landscape, while maximizing sea view for the villas.


Client: Danko group
Year: 2019
Area: 50Ha
Location: Cao Ngan | Thai Nguyen



Pioneering for owners of high-class living facilities, Danko City is a convergence of hundreds of civilized and luxurious services, utilities and landscapes.
The Light Square with its magnificent 5000m2 welcome gate is worthy of the new symbol of the city. The Harmony music theater shimmering, fanciful with the most modern performance technology with the light, music and dance of the water. 3.5ha Victoria Square is one of the largest squares in Vietnam, including the 36m high symbol tower, water music stage, walking street …Luxurious marina, surrounded by the Lake Eyes Lake park with green space, Melody bridge, and utilities for all ages. Commercial walking street is the “heart” of the urban area, this is the convergence and connection point of prosperous business community of Danko City in particular and Thai Nguyen city in general.