Client: Tan Hoang Minh Group
Year: 2018
Area: 20Ha
Location: Hanoi



Inspired by the image of the Green Oasis (Oasis) in the desert, the Oasis City project with the scale of 18.7Ha is the first urban area in Vietnam to own a 300m long water park, a tropical forest commercial center ( Tropical Mall), international inter-school (kindergarten + primary), Twin Towers, Dragon Complex complex of 9 apartment towers, 2.5Ha wide Walkway Central Park.
Walkway Central Park is designed to recreate tropical natural ecosystems. In the context of urbanization in Hanoi with high levels of pollution, the Walkway Central Park will be like a green oasis filled with trees and plants to attract species.
Wooden walkways are designed above the ground so as not to affect the ecosystem of organisms (birds, fish, bees, butterflies, and natural terrestrial insects).